Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birth of a Fashion Plate

There comes a moment in a mother’s life when her child does her proud.  Either she learns to love her favorite sandwich or learns the melody to her favorite song.  This moment came for me when I learned that Darla loves fashion. 

First, there was the moment she realized that her favorite pair of gold Ralph Lauren slippers no longer fit.  I struggled to shove her chubby little toes in, but took them off when I saw her foot was turning red.  She tossed her head backward and yelled.  I let her get it all out.  When she calmed down, she picked up the shoe and tried to squeeze it onto her foot herself.  I tried to distract her with a pair of pink converse, but she just whimpered and looked at the gold slippers longingly.  When she wasn’t looking, I slipped the gold slippers into her drawer. 

Second was when she learned to pose because she was wearing a Chanel necklace.  This picture speaks for itself.