Friday, July 22, 2011

Darla's First Music Video

My lovely and talented niece, Madeline Follin, started "Cults" with her boyfriend, Brian Oblivion, last year and posted some songs online at Bandcamp.  The songs blew our entire family, media, music industry and New Yorker's minds.

Fast forward to a little over a year later: Cults is huge.  They've signed to Sony.  They're album is a chart topper on iTunes.  They're constantly on tour.  They're in every magazine you open.  They're so totally mega!

Baby Darla was given the opportunity to ride on her cousin's coattails this past Mother's Day when Madeline asked if she could be in the video.  Darla fretted over her thighs and her thinning hair, but ultimately agreed to it.

This is the amazing, haunting video.


  1. Youtube is Bogus! When I tried to watch this video it said that it was not authorized to play in my country!! What does youtube have against Bolivia?!
    I'll try in a week and see if Panama has passes youtube music video clearance.