Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Evolution of a Darla Nursery

When I envisioned her nursery, my mind went blank.  So, I just started collecting pieces.

Our landlord had all the floors in the house painted green.  They horrified me at first, but they grew on me as time went on.

Blank mind and canvas
Although I was falling for the green, I knew I needed to hunt down a large rug to tone it down a bit.  I found the perfect one at Ikea.  I began to wonder if Beatle Juice was an appropriate design inspiration for a nursery.

Ikea rug, Target table, Restoration Hardware lamp
I ransacked our house.  Anything that was good, went into her room.  Our room may have been sparse and ugly, but Darla's was starting to look a little chic.  

Chair and dresser are thrift store finds and curtains are Target
I found the perfect crib at Restoration Hardware.  It took my breath away and I knew that baby Darla needed this heirloom piece.  My mom and dad were going to buy the crib together, but my dad cancelled his credit card after my mom had already placed the order for it.  She had to put down her card to pay for it.  This happened after she already sent him a check for half of the crib.  My dad, somehow, had made a profit. The crib ended up being a gift from Darla's grandmas.

Restoration Hardware crib and bedding

I had everything I needed to make her nursery perfect, but I didn't have the eye to piece it all together.  So, after Darla was born, my sisters Kathy and Bridget came in and worked their magic.  The finished product is a unique, colorful, precious room fit for a Darla.  

Warm, comfortable and inspiring
Unfortunately, since I can barely sleep when Darla is right in front of me, this room has become a fancy changing and feeding room.  She sleeps in our sparse, unchic room where I can keep an eye on her.  

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