Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today's Top 5 "I Feel Guilty Because..."

1. After a long night of crying every time the pacifier fell out of her mouth, Darla is having a very calm day.

2. I forewent the mommy and me group experience for some solitary mommy and me time.

3. I should be doing something more productive with her nap time.

4. I bought her a dress with money that might have been used to pay the gas bill.

5. Darla is the only person I've talked to today.

1 comment:

  1. 5 Reasons Not To Feel Guilty
    1) She will not always need that pacifier. She's only just starting to figure out how that thing works.

    2) Mommy and me alone time is priceless. Never feel guilty for getting that in. Babies are only babies for a short time.

    3) Sometimes you just need to relax so that you can recharge. There will always be time to clean or work or do something, but it's important to take care of yourself, too.

    4) This is one of the fun things of having children. Once in a while, it's nice to treat them to something even if it means sacrificing somewhere else.

    5) I can relate to this one most. Adult conversation is hard to come by after having a baby. Twitter helps. Or calling a friend or relative to catch up. And then again, sometimes it's nice not to have contact with adults. lol!

    So many moms can relate to this post. I think it's important to try to enjoy these types of moments to eliminate the guilt. Motherhood is a tough job and we are our biggest critics! ;)